- Confronted with so many uncontrolled disorders that particularly affects the Black world, The reflection who interest us is to know what must be the behaviour and the attitude of our community in face of latent violence and/or manifest violence.

   - The Black world is heterogeneous and diversifies but it recognizes itself in the mayor and main paradigm : AFRICA is the cradle of humanity and the mother (ALMA MATER) of all academic Knowledge (Law, Medecine, Music, Philosophy etc...) .

   - From this postulate, this departure : What to think about western philosophy ?  What is the value of continental philosophy ?

   - Western philosophy (continental philosophy) originated during the Century of PERICLES in Greece, and flourished with the pre-Socratic, and affirm herself with SOCRATES, PLATO, ARISTOTE, but she contained a lot of errors, mistakes and she is doubly open to criticism :

   1) A horizontal criticism, of diachronic order

      - The spirit of western philosophy (continental philosophy) is strongly europeocentric, in the sense that nothing existed apart from it and outside it, all is comprehensible with her and nothing is comprehensible without her, the german philosopher Heidegger makes it clear to us  when he writes : " Philosophy is GREEK in its essence and in its spirit "

      - What consideration for other civilizations ?  for other peoples ?

         - The Chinese, who have a civilization more than a millennium have nothing to envy (the west) in any field !

         - The Africans, The Negro-Egyptians,  I will have to say with the Pharaonic period, who pretend and assume that Philosophy found rather its origin and its source in the waters of the NILE !

     2) A vertical criticism, of synchronic order

       - The negation of the other, which has led to the destruction of the Black man, to its non-evolution, to the cessation of its development. The poet of the diaspora Aime Cesaire repeat it : "  " They have broken the civilizations which had not yet kept their promises ; not to have allowed them to develop and accomplish all the richness of the forms contained in their heads, thereby inoculating them with a westernization model which relegated to the concert of nations the specific production and creativity of these peoples "

      - What can we do in front of this one way ? what should be done ?

        It seems necessary : a) to use to continue playing the game (Playing possum) and ask us at what time, moment , we need to say : STOP